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Broadwell core Intel processors are popular in higher end 2014 and 2015 Chromebooks.

Support for Broadwell Chromebooks has been implemented in upstream Linux with aplomb, so you should be able to run any recent Linux distribution you please with little to no friction.

Factory firmware support for coreboot and SeaBIOS is generally good on Broadwell models (with a few bugs), but custom firmware is also available -- see Firmware.

GRUB bug with some factory firmwares

  • One firmware bug relates to video init in early boot, which prevents the display of the GRUB boot menu. This can be worked around with GRUB settings:
    • # Add settings to /etc/default/grub
    • #* GRUB_TERMINAL=console
    • #* GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768
    • # Run sudo update-grub
  • This bug is not present on full custom Firmware.