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Quick list of items noted in the beta2 RCs, that don't require full tickets.

Add your vote wherever it fits. If anything needs discussion, it shall be had.

Done items are not final, just "done" in the RC noted. Revertable if consensus so leads.

✓ 1.0beta2rc2 "Mail Reader" in Whisker Menu goes nowhere
Remove it! ➕ reynhout, onii, hugegreenbug
Link to Gmail ➖ reynhout, onii
Add Thunderbird ≈ reynhout ➖ onii
✓ 1.0beta2rc2 PCManFM is installed, but we use Thunar
Remove PCManFM ➕ reynhout, hugegreenbug
✓ 1.0beta2rc2 "Install GalliumOS 1.0beta2" in Live icon truncates uselessly
Shorten to "Install GalliumOS" ➕ reynhout
✓ 1.0beta2rc2 /etc/issue* etc reflect beta1
Update to beta2 ➕ (everyone!)
✓ 1.0beta2rc2 Mouse/trackpad pointer should be black
Switch to DMZ Black ➕ onii, coltondrg, shinji257, reynhout, hugegreenbug
Move notifications to bottom right from top right, since panel is on bottom
Make it so ➕ onii ≈ reynhout ➖hugh
✓ 1.0beta2rc3 Add ntp package so time will synchronize
Make it so ➕ onii, reynhout
✓ 1.0beta2rc3 Keyboard layout #4 does not work for media keys in live USB
Find out what's going on ➕ hugegreenbug
Issue: "fixed" because known problem & no longer default
✓ 1.0beta2rc4 Screenshot keys need to be "XF86Display" instead of "F5" since change to keyboard layout #3
Make it so ➕ onii
✓ 1.0beta2rc4 Edit text after install asking to "remove CD from tray" since no one is using discs
Make it so .. full text is "Please remove installation media and close the tray (if any) then press ENTER:" .. but I haven't been able to find the source of this text ➕ onii