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GalliumOS 2.1

28 February 2017

GalliumOS 2.1 is available for download immediately.

A special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the GalliumOS project! Your support helps us broaden and deepen GalliumOS support for Chromebook hardware.

All contributors in 2017 will receive a set of GalliumOS stickers!

Please visit our Support Forum on Reddit for comments and discussion:

What's New in GalliumOS 2.1

  • New kernels: 4.9.4 (Braswell) and 4.8.17 (all others)
  • Fixes for Braswell audio (all models except CYAN)
  • Fix for installer crash in locales where "," is decimal point
  • UEFI boot support for custom UEFI firmware
  • Improved touchpad support for CAVE
  • New desktop backgrounds
  • Updated Numix and Numix-Circle icons
  • New ISOs for Braswell, Skylake, and SAMUS models
  • Dozens of upstream package updates and bugfixes

Installing GalliumOS

GalliumOS 2.1 installation images can be downloaded from You can preview GalliumOS in a "live boot" environment from the same image without installing.

GalliumOS can be installed in place of ChromeOS, or in a dual-boot configuration alongside ChromeOS. For dual-boot installs, see

See the GalliumOS wiki for full installaton instructions:

Upgrading From GalliumOS 2.0

If you are already running GalliumOS, you can update to the 2.1 release simply by updating packages:

  • From the launcher menu: GalliumOS Update, or
  • From the command line: galliumos-update

NOTE: If package upgrades include grub-pc, you might be prompted to reinstall the GRUB bootloader. Be sure to install to the disk device only! (usually /dev/sda or /dev/mmcblk0, depending on model).

When updates are complete, reboot your machine.

Known Issues in GalliumOS 2.1

We're working to bring full support to all Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Some parts remain works in progress:

Full list of open issues:

If you run into any issues with this or any GalliumOS release, please let us know!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the project, submitted patches, reported issues with previous releases, answered questions on our support forums, helped spread the word to friends and other news sites, or just installed and tested GalliumOS.

We thank you and hope GalliumOS will continue to make your Chromebooks and Chromeboxes more functional and fun.

About GalliumOS

GalliumOS is a fast and lightweight Linux distribution specifically for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. GalliumOS delivers a complete Linux environment with full hardware support and an attractive full-featured desktop.

GalliumOS features a touchpad driver customized for Chromebooks, kernel schedulers optimized for the CPUs and SSDs found in ChromeOS devices, and fixes dozens of device-specific bugs. All while requiring less memory and disk space compared to standard Linux desktop environments.

See for more.

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