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This page contains resources and answers to common issues related to installation, maintenance, and usage of GalliumOS.

Bootup Issues

I accidentally reenabled OS verification and now I can't boot into gallium. What now?

If you are using RW_LEGACY firmware and you have not disabled the GBB flags. You can check some crossystem settings from the boot screen with tab

Additionally, you can reset the crossystem flags by using a custom recovery image for your model and following the README.

I updated GRUB and now I can't boot. What now?

This question was resolved on reddit.

Login Issues

Graphical login fails, goes back to login screen

Your internal storage is probably nearly full. The Desktop Environment (Xfce) can't start, and you're dropped back to the Greeter (login screen).

To clear disk space:

  • Log in on VT2 (Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 at the login screen, enter username and password)
  • Try removing unnecessary packages: sudo apt autoremove
  • And clearing the package cache: sudo apt clean
  • Reboot and try to log in again
  • If that doesn't clear enough space, repeat VT2 login, and try rm'ing unnecessary files ($HOME/Downloads is usually a good place to start)

When you're back in through the usual graphical login process, clear some extra space. Use a tool like Baobab to visualize your disk usage. Install with sudo apt install baobab.

Hardware Issues

No audio output

Here are some quick commands to try.

If you just want to start from scratch:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall galliumos-baytrail

If you haven't changed your audio config:

rm -rf $HOME/.config/pulse