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Intel processors with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge cores are only used in a few ChromeOS devices.

Factory firmware support for coreboot and SeaBIOS is limited, but custom firmware is available for all Sandy/Ivy Bridge models from John Lewis:

Full firmware for select Sandy/Ivy Bridge models is also available from MrChromebox:

There are two firmware update options available:

    • Leaves all stock functionality intact, including the white "OS verification is OFF" screen
    • Allows device to dual-boot GalliumOS alongside ChromeOS
    • Some models ship with this feature enabled and including a working SeaBIOS
    • On some models, includes bugfixes and enables additional functionality such as booting from SD card/eMMC
    • Sandy/Ivy Bridge: only available for the Google Pixel 2013 (LINK)
  2. Full ROM
    • Installs a complete ROM containing a coreboot build and a working SeaBIOS (or Tianocore for UEFI ROMs)
    • Bypasses the white "OS verification is OFF" screen
    • Removes the ability to run ChromeOS natively, creating a small risk of bricking your device
    • Will wipe out all product data
    • This option is the most invasive and may include bugs or idiosyncrasies that the stock firmware does not
    • Sandy/Ivy Bridge: Enables hardware virtualization extensions and suspend