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Choosing a Chromebook can be confusing. There are dozens of models, and a variety of configuration options for most of them.

GalliumOS is supported on most Chromebook models (see Hardware Compatibility), but we've prepared this guide to help you choose the model that best fits your needs. Here are a few of our favorites, along with the specs that make them interesting.


Model Hardware ID CPU μArch Display RAM Disk Configurations (CPU, RAM/Disk) Comments
Acer Chromebook 15 (CB5-571) / C910 YUNA Broadwell 15.6" 1920x1080 soldered SSD, upgradable Celeron
  • 4GB/32GB
  • 2GB/16GB
Core i3
  • 4GB/32GB
  • 2GB/16GB
• great performance
• excellent display
Dell Chromebook 13 LULU Broadwell 13.3" Non-Touch
13.3" Non-Touch
soldered SSD, upgradable Celeron Core
• great performance
• excellent display
Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 GANDOF Broadwell 13.3" 1920x1080 soldered m.2 SSD, upgradable Celeron
Core i3

Many manufacturers also sell refurbished models at significant discounts from MSRP. These should be as good as new, but generally have a much shorter 30-day warranty (typical retail warranty is 1-year).

SSD Upgrades

Many (not all) models have removable, upgradable SSDs.


Other items of interest. Low-profile USB drives, ...


We have no relationships with any manufacturers or vendors that might influence our recommendations, or any content on this (or any other) page. Some links on this page are affiliate links. If you purchase a Chromebook by following an affiliate link, a tiny percentage of the sale price will go to the GalliumOS Project. Any funds so collected will be used in accordance with the purposes outlined on our Donations Page. Thank you for your patronage!