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UEFI-capable custom firmware is now available for some ChromeOS devices (currently Haswell and Broadwell models only).

The current GalliumOS release (2.0) does not support UEFI booting, though it can be configured manually. The necessary modifications to GalliumOS will be incorporated into future releases, presently soft-targeted for GalliumOS 2.1.

UEFI support is appealing for a couple reasons:

  • UEFI booting should improve boot time by a few seconds
  • UEFI might be a good reusable solution for future Braswell support, and possibly for some ARM Chromebooks and non-ChromeOS devices

NOTE: UEFI support is not included in factory firmware on any ChromeOS devices. Adding support will require flashing "full" firmware, and will therefore prevent dual-booting alongside ChromeOS.