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UEFI-capable custom firmware is now available for most ChromeOS devices -- see:

GalliumOS 2.1 fully supports UEFI booting on ChromeOS hardware running MrChromebox's UEFI firmware.

The GalliumOS 2.1 ISO for Sandy/Ivy Bridge boots to the GRUB shell, but this can be easily worked around. See

Earlier releases of GalliumOS did not include UEFI support.

UEFI booting reduces boot time by several seconds (compared to Legacy/BIOS mode).

UEFI might also be a reusable solution for future Braswell support, and possibly for some ARM Chromebooks and non-ChromeOS devices

NOTE: UEFI support is not included in factory firmware on any ChromeOS devices. Adding support will require flashing "full" firmware, and will therefore prevent dual-booting alongside ChromeOS.