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Intel processors with Broadwell cores are very popular in newer higher-end ChromeOS devices.

Factory firmware support for coreboot and SeaBIOS is spotty, but custom firmware is also available for all Broadwell models as well -- see Firmware.

Model-Specific Notes

Acer C740, Acer C910, Acer CB5-571 and Toshiba Chromebook 2 (auron_paine, auron_yuna and gandof)

  • Full ROM flash is possible

A full ROM is available from CoolStar:

(for running Linux, you can follow the flashing instructions and install Linux instead of Windows)

    • Bypasses the white "OS verification is OFF" screen
    • Installs a complete ROM containing a coreboot build and a working SeaBIOS
    • Removes the ability to run ChromeOS natively, creating a small risk of bricking your device
    • Will wipe out all product data
    • This option is the most invasive and may include bugs or idiosyncrasies that the stock firmware does not
    • Fixes Graphics issues associated with the RW_LEGACY
    • Fixes several issues related to ACPI
    • Allows booting Linux, Windows and even Mac OS!