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Intel processors with Bay Trail cores are very popular in newer ChromeOS devices.

Factory firmware support for coreboot and SeaBIOS is nonexistent, but custom firmware is available for most or all Bay Trail models from John Lewis:

There is only one firmware update option available:

    • Bypasses the white "OS verification is OFF" screen
    • Removes the ability to run ChromeOS natively, creating a small risk of bricking your device
    • Leaves the “REFRESH + POWER” functionality of the stock ROM intact
      • If you engage this key sequence, device will reboot and try to run ChromeOS Recovery (which will fail)
      • This process will repeat on every boot until you disassemble the device and briefly disconnect the battery

GalliumOS Known Issues

GalliumOS BETA1 has known issues with internal audio, but this is fixed in nightly builds. You can update a BETA1 install via the usual apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade method to pull in all bugfixes.