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"Mail Reader" in Whisker Menu goes nowhere
Remove it! ➕ reynhout
Link to Gmail ➖ reynhout
PCManFM is installed, but we use Thunar
Remove PCManFM ➕ reynhout, hugegreenbug
"Install GalliumOS 1.0beta2" in Live icon truncates uselessly
Shorten to "Install GalliumOS" ➕ reynhout
✓ beta2rc2 /etc/issue* etc reflect beta1
Update to beta2 ➕ reynhout
✓ beta2rc2 Mouse/trackpad pointer should be black
Switch to DMZ Black ➕ onii, coltondrg, shinji257, reynhout
Move notifications to bottom right from top right, since panel is on bottom
Make it so ➕ onii ≈ reynhout