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GalliumOS Project, 2016

As we close the books on our first full year of operations, we'd like to thank everyone who helped make it such a great year for the GalliumOS Project!

Thank you for contributing, answering questions on Reddit and IRC, asking questions on Reddit and IRC, researching configuration tweaks, testing new builds, and reporting successes and failures.

We're looking forward to more in 2017, and hope you'll join us for the ride!

We have some announcements as well as some statistics for the past year.

Shirts and Stickers

We now have stickers available to people that donate through PayPal for this year. They come in two varieties. If you'd like stickers, please send a mailing address with your PayPal donation. To donate, please go to our donation page. Each mailing address sent with a donation will receive one of each variety of sticker.

We also have shirts available for a limited time through Teespring. They have the logo with "GalliumOS" on the front in your choice of blue, black, or gray, in unisex or women's. The campaign will run for two weeks, from January 18th to February 1st. If you miss your chance to purchase a shirt, don't worry, we will run the campaign again another time. We have made the shirts as inexpensive as possible, and any proceeds that we receive will be put into the donation pool.

2016 in Numbers

Global Domination, Progress Toward

45,194 ISO Downloads:
19,088 Haswell
7,834 Broadwell
14,249 Bay Trail
3,556 Sandy/Ivy Bridge
399 Braswell
33 Skylake
36 Samus
16,344 chrx installs

Web Statistics

20,811 Monthly unique users
66,792 Monthly page views
2343 GB Monthly data transfer


5,581 Monthly unique users
20,477 Monthly page views


$89.76 Account balance, starting 2016
193 Contributions
$3850.01 Total contributions
$3198.08 Expenses:
$182.21 PayPal fees
$657.41 Hosting for web/download/build servers
$1478.41 Hardware for test and development
$87.53 Other (domain renewals, shipping costs, etc)
$100.00 Donation to the Numix Project
$133.00 GalliumOS promotional stickers
$559.52 Taxes, estimated
$741.69 Account balance, starting 2017

2.1 Progress

Soon! We have functional UEFI multiboot images in testing, and audio is working on a couple of Braswell devices now. It's still a work in progress, and we appreciate all the help from testers and contributors alike.

Thank You!

- The GalliumOS Team, 20170117