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Here we'll have a list of GalliumOS static file and apt repository mirrors.

GaOS release download mirrors

https://galliumos.org/releases/ (Official release downloads) (New York, United States)

https://ca1.us.mirror.galliumos.org/releases/ (Official release downloads mirror) (California, United States)

https://va1.us.mirror.galliumos.org/releases/ (Official release downloads mirror) (Virgina, United States)

https://rb1.fr.mirror.galliumos.org/releases/ (Official release download mirror) (Roubaix, France)

GaOS APT mirrors

https://apt.galliumos.org/ (Official APT repo) (New York, United States)

https://ca1.us.mirror.galliumos.org/apt/ (Official APT repo mirror) (California, United States)

https://rb1.fr.mirror.galliumos.org/apt/ (Official APT repo mirror) (Roubaix, France)

GaOS website mirrors

https://galliumos.org/ (Official site) (New York, United States)

https://ca1.us.mirror.galliumos.org/ (Official site mirror) (California, United States)