Media keys and default keybindings

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Media keys

Media keys are accessible with the search+function key combination

Function keys

The function keys by themselves will map to F1-F10. Function keys are also mapped to Super + Number Row key, where Super + 1 is F1 and Super + = is F12.


Super + Alt. You must press Super before you press Alt. ;) (Super is the key with the magnifying glass on it).

How was this done

We included Crouton's keyboard model for Chromebooks: [1]. See: [2] for more info.

Switching Function and Shortcut Key

At the moment, switching the Function Keys and Shortcut Keys (as it is on ChromeOS) is not an easy task.

However, ColtonDRG states that there are plans to make it easier in a future release.

Common key combinations

Key Combination
F1-F9 [Overlay + 1] - [Overlay + 9]
KBD Brightness Toggle [Overlay + 0]
KBD Brightness Down [Overlay + - ]
KBD Brightness Up [Overlay + = ]
Home [Overlay + Left]
End [Overlay + Right]
Page Up [Overlay + Up]
Page Down [Overlay + Down]
Insert [Overlay + . ]
Delete [Overlay + Backspace]
Caps Lock [Overlay + Alt] (for keyboard maps that use Super as the overlay)

Note: The overlay key will be different depending on the keyboard map chosen.

The default overlay key for Beta 1 was the Super key (Search). For Beta 2, the overlay key is

the right alt key.


There are five keyboard maps in current nightlies (actually there are a ton, but five that are customized for Chromeb*s):

  1. Chromebook | No overlay | F keys mapped to media keys
  2. Chromebook | Right alt overlay
  3. Chromebook | Right alt overlay | F keys mapped to media keys
  4. Chromebook | Search overlay
  5. Chromebook | Search overlay | F keys mapped to media keys

  • Options 1,2,3 open the Whisker Menu when the Super key is pressed
  • Options 1,3,5 send media key events when the media/Fkey keys are pressed (and Fkey events when not)
  • Options 2,4 send Fkey events when the media/Fkey keys are pressed (and media key events when not)

Noteworthy quirk: the settings dialog doesn't always save your works better if you switch to another tab of the dialog and then back to "Layout" before selecting "Close".