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|Screenshot (window)
|Screenshot (window)
|[Shift + Ctrl + F5(display)]
|[Ctrl + Shift + F5(display)]
|Whisker Menu/Search
|Whisker Menu/Search

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GalliumOS includes five keyboard layouts customized for Chromebooks.

Media keys and Function keys can be accessed either with or without pressing the "Overlay" key first, depending on your choice of keyboard layout.

Keyboard Layouts

Layout Name Overlay Key Top row keys (alone) Top row keys (with Overlay)
Chromebook / No overlay / F keys mapped to media keys None Media keys Media keys
Chromebook / Right alt overlay Right-Alt Function keys Media keys
Chromebook / Right alt overlay / F keys mapped to media keys
** current default: 1.0beta2 **
Right-Alt Media keys Function keys
Chromebook / Search overlay
previous default (1.0beta1), and Crouton default
Super (Search) Function keys Media keys
Chromebook / Search overlay / F keys mapped to media key Super (Search) Media keys Function keys

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Combination
F1-F9 Accessed directly or with Overlay, depending on Keyboard layout
Home Overlay + Left Arrow
End [Overlay + Right]
Page Up [Overlay + Up]
Page Down [Overlay + Down]
Insert [Overlay + . ]
Delete [Overlay + Backspace]
Caps Lock [Overlay + Alt] (unless Alt is Overlay)
Screenshot (fullscreen) [Ctrl + F5(display)]
Screenshot (window) [Ctrl + Shift + F5(display)]
Whisker Menu/Search [Super + M] (unless Super is Overlay)
[Alt + M] (unless Alt is Overlay)
Keyboard Backlight Toggle [Overlay + 0]
Keyboard Backlight Brightness Down [Overlay + - ]
Keyboard Backlight Brightness Up [Overlay + = ]

Crouton keyboard layout: https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton/wiki/Keyboard

Other discussion: https://github.com/GalliumOS/galliumos-distro/issues/50